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Waldick, I. (2015). Let Willy Free Himself: The Case For Expanding Standing to Marine Mammals to Challenge Regulations of The Public Displays Industry. Florida: Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law 31 J. Land Use and Environment.

Staff Attorney of the Florida Supreme Court, Ian Waldick, made a case for expanding standing to marine mammals to challenge regulations of the public displays industry. This case emphasizes the importance of regulating employee interaction with the animals being held in marine captivity and explains the impossibility of maintaining an environment comparable to the natural environment. He wrote this in a journal accessible to the public, The Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law, and used that to reach out to a broader audience. The purpose of writing this was to shine a light on the issue of employee interaction with the animals in captivity. It shows that even in what should be the animals safest place for interaction, the treatment they receive lacks regulations critical to maintaining their well being. The target audience for this public journal is anyone of the public interested in the treatment of public display animals, animals in captivity, or regulation of employee interactions. It is helpful to them because since the writer has written it as an academic journal, he has compiled facts and studies that they could find useful.

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