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Jameson, J. (2015). Beluga Whale At GA Aquarium Dies Unexpectedly, PETA Blames Captivity. Georgia: Inquisitr.

Jody Jameson, a writer for, addresses this post by voicing concerns over the sudden death of one of GA aquariums own beluga whales. PETA believes that the sudden death of Beluga Whale, Maris, at the GA aquarium was due to the conditions of captivity she was being held in. She amplified certain issues by reporting Maris’s conditions in her time being held captive in the GA aquarium. 3 weeks after the GA aquarium was barred from importing any more beluga whales and following the death of her 2 baby belugas, Maris’ passed away under the care of the GA aquarium. The purpose of this was to give a specific example over a certain animal that has lost its life due to the conditions of its captivity. The target audience of this is any GA aquarium visitor that knew Maris, anyone interested in marine life mistreatment, and people curious about the conditions these animals are held in.

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