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Darnell, T. (2016). Georgia Aquarium Ranked 4th- Worst Tank in North America. Georgia: Patch

Tim Darnell, a member of Patch staff, reported the ranking of the GA aquarium in terms of the quality of life for dolphins and whales. An international animal protection organization has named the GA aquarium as the 4th worst tank in north america for dolphins and whales. The organization said the list was selected from more than 60 facilities from southern Canada to Mexico where almost 1,000 whales and dolphins are on public display. The purpose of this is to put a ranking on just how bad the conditions faced in this aquarium are. The target audience of this article is anyone visiting that is interested in the ranking of these facilities. This information can be useful to any individual making an argument against the life of animals in aquariums and curious over the order these aquariums fall in.

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