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(2016). PETA to Georgia Aquarium: Move Beyond Basic Decency: PETA.

A writer for PETA’s article PETA to Georgia Aquarium: Move Beyond Basic Decency, explains the animals needs to live in a coastal sanctuaries rather than in a tank. This report covers Georgia Aquariums announcement that it will no longer take dolphins or whales that are caught in the wild, but will remain responsible for beluga whales who were stolen from their homes and are being held captive in Russia. The purpose of covering this information is PETA’s attempt to reach out to the GA Aquarium in hopes to get them to “move beyond basic decency” and send these animals to coastal sanctuaries instead. The target audience is the GA Aquarium and anyone interested over Beluga Whale importation from Russia. The information is useful to anyone curious over GA Aquariums standing with progress in animal conservation.

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